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For most of us, the barcode is very familiar since it has been around. You can see the barcode when shopping. Most commercial products out there come with the barcodes on their packaging. A barcode refers to the code which comes in black bars with white spaces in between.

The barcode is usually printed on the labels. The code stores big data in a small area. These codes can't be read by most folks unless they remember them really well. Instead, optical machines interpret it to be visible by human eyes. The appliance which can read the barcode is known as barcode readers or scanners.

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If you run a business, having a barcode to each of your product will be a wise move. You can customize the barcode as your needs. With Barcode Maker, you can generate as many barcodes as you need for labeling your products. Then you can just save it to your PC and print onto product labels, greeting cards, and another medium.

The perks of using barcode system are very wide. But the main objective of using barcode is to track and identify the product. With the Barcode Maker, you can make your barcode samples quickly and easily. In just seconds, you can generate few barcode samples ready to print. If you need to produce a professional label for your products, you can simply send the barcode samples and mail a label printing company. In no time, there will be thousands of labels ready to be used.

Basically, you can print labels on different sizes and shapes. You can choose either rectangular or round barcode label. This will depend on the surface of the medium which you will stick the barcode. For example, if your product is a pencil case, you may want to opt rectangular barcode label. Speaking about the sizes, you can also adjust the sizes of the label.

No matter what size of your business, there must be business purposes wherein the existence of barcode label is considered. Retail products will have barcodes print on their packaging. Nowadays smaller sized businesses have considered using custom barcode labels.

The uses of barcode labels are not only for retailing industry anymore. Even organizations, schools, institutions, governments, event organizers use these labels for certain purposes. For instance, e-ticketing for transportation has been popular now. The customers will only need to print the e-ticket then the ticket cashier will scan the barcode to verify the customer's ticket validity. This practice has been applied in many businesses. Whatever niche of the business you are running, sooner or later you'll realize the importance of using barcodes technology.

Barcodes are now becoming more prevalent to various businesses and industries. Many use these because they are accurate, easy to use, and time-saving. No wonder that more and more businesses start using barcodes system to boost their productivity.

The systems were introduced back to 1932. The principle of barcodes system was introduced by Wallace Flint. He invented the simple checkout system using punched cards.

And then in 1948, Bernard Silver and Norman Joseph patented the finding named as "Classifying Apparatus and Method". It is the symbology system which consisted of series of concentric circles. 1 and half decades later, David. J. Collins developed the black and white barcode system under his foundation namely Computer Identics Corporation. As the time goes by, barcode system has evolved until the first barcode scanner was released by NCR Corp. in 1974. This was installed in Marsh's supermarket. At that time, Wrigley's chewing gum was the first product which was scanned by the barcode scanner.

After evolving, barcode system is considered as the most effective system in businesses and industries.

The most recent system consists of Barcode Printer, Label, Scanners, and Database.

Barcode printer is the appliance to print the barcodes out. Nowadays, folks can use desktop and wireless barcode printers to print the barcodes label independently. It's important to keep in mind that barcodes printers are different with common printers. They are purposely tailored to print the labels. Although in daily practices you can print barcodes with laser printers, the barcode printers can do the work more efficiently and effectively. Purchasing the right barcode printers will depend on the label design, size, and type, as well as the level of workload on daily basis.

Then you'll have barcode labels are tags with a barcode which will be stuck on the product or items packaging. These barcode labels will then be scanned by barcode scanners to identify and track the products or items. The barcode shape and layout can be varied depending on the business' needs and necessity. Some prefer to use only text, some choose the combination of text and graphics. Barcode labels are not limited to paper as a medium. They come with different materials options that can work on any items or products.

As mentioned the labels will be identified with barcode scanners. The devices can read the barcodes to identify and track the products or items. They can read the information quickly and accurately. In most recent models, users can rely on various techies of barcode scanners from 2D, CCD, as well as laser. Choosing the right type of barcode scanners will depend on the barcode types and mediums used to interpret the barcodes.

Then a business needs an ample database to store the information related to the product like the description, price, weight, dimension, stocks, and quantity, etc. This is where the data entry work begins. The staff should store all of the information in a database. The process of barcode system will be completed with the database.

Since the invention in early 1930, barcode systems have evolved to be a better one nowadays. It has been fast intriguing many industries to improve their productivity and profitability. You can imagine a growing business without the barcode systems. For instance, let's take a case in a minimart. The manual identification and tracking process can take a long time and make hundreds of impatience customers to stand in line. Barcode systems can really get rid of this problem.

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